Saturday, August 24, 2019

The Advertisement by Cordaid Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Advertisement by Cordaid - Assignment Example The researcher states that the advertisement by Cordaid provides food for thought for every one of us. It reflects the fact that while we indulge in the luxuries, there are people literally dying of not getting the basic human needs. A very emotional appeal is used in the advertisement to make people pause and think with a broader perspective. It, in fact, has become very necessary for people to see outside their secluded comfort zone and take in to account the people who are barely making it. The fact that almost half the world which is over three billion people are living on less than $ 2.50 a day is reason enough to do that. The advertisement has a very mocking feel to it as well. The models are shown posing like any top model in Vogue selling outrageously expensive products. The use of irony to plea for aid while posing like a high profile fashion shoot, is in fact, a satire on the commercialism of the branded products. The ad is cashing and drawing on the guilt of the wealthy an d affluent for the donations. This ad is used to stir the feeling of guilt in the wealthy next time they choose to brand shop. So clearly the target market is people who are capable to donate and contribute towards the greater good of eradicating poverty. The ultimate message of the advertisement is amply conveyed through the effective and relevant illustration and captions. The visual comparisons of the price of one luxury item with the price of the provision of a basic and simple human need are clearly depicting that it takes a lot less to support a poverty-stricken person than to invest in a worldly luxurious item. The feel of the advertisement is quite depressing. The backdrop of a un-habitat and shabby, dreary and dry desert is creating a very depressing ambiance which was obviously the need of an advertisement prompting people to contribute and extend a helping hand to the poor. The visuals of the advertisement are working to reflect poverty at its extreme. The look of the mal -nutrition-ed model in a humble setting subtly and rightfully portrays the innumerable human beings greatly relying on us for their basic needs.

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