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Survey Sample Size Essay Example for Free

Survey Sample Size Essay This essay will have two parts one will discuss three different surveys and the second will be a survey that was performed by the author. The subjects of the surveys will be Entertainment, Political, and General. We will analyze the surveys that do not have the population that were surveyed. Introduction The entertainment survey will be a survey that was conducted by Universal UK, was conducted in the Britain, and is about the movies they have vivid memories pictures of in their mind. (Macnab, 2013) The Political survey was conducted by Gallup Wellbeing, is about older United States employees. (Ander, 2013) Number 3, the survey is from Gallup Wellbeing also and is about how female veterans rate their life. (Meyers Liu, 2013) Entertainment Survey Universal UK conducted this survey in order to decide which movies would sell the most if put on DVD’s. To describe the number of participants Macnab said, â€Å"The participants were people across Britain†, but no number is mentioned. (Macnab, 2013) Without the number of people surveyed, we cannot calculate if the participants were the correct amount. It was thought that the memory of the movies was considered as, â€Å"escapism†, but through the survey results, it was discovered that it was the reverse. As it showed the participants did not use the movies to escape life’s problems, but they were used to face them. (Macnab, 2013) It was as if the participants gained confidence during the viewing of the movie. Through doing the survey the company discovered the movies to use for DVD’s, and the ones that had an impact on changing people’s lives by giving them self-esteem and confidence . Confidence and raising self-esteem levels of the viewers helped some viewers improve their lives, which is why they remember the movie. . Political Survey The political survey researched Federal employees to compare the younger employees to the older employees and Federal Employees to Non-Federal employees. (Ander, 2013) The evaluation was to compare who thought; they used their strengths while on the job to do what they do best the most. (Ander, 2013) One hundred fifteen thousand (115,000) people participated which when divided in half (because there are both Federal Employees and Non-Federal Employees) gives us 57,500, which would not be an appropriate amount of participants per population. It is because of this class that this author can say the participants were not significant for the population. We have learned that the targeted survey group must be appropriate for the population results. If they researched this to the total population in the United States, the participating group should be at least 100,000 per group. This survey showed the results that the Federal employees who were 18-25 years old were the biggest percentage who said yes at 85.0%. (Ander, 2013) The Non-Federal employees results are participates 65 years and older were the biggest percentage who said, â€Å"Yes† at 86.0%. (Ander, 2013) This was unexpected because it was thought the older employees would have the higher percentage for both. The least satisfied for the Federal employees were the 65 years and older at a 77.4% and the least in the Non-Federal employees category were the 18-29 year old group at 82.1%. (Ander, 2013) This survey proved the Federal Government could help their older employees more and the Non-Federal employers could help their younger workers more. (Ander, 2013) General Survey The general survey is about female veterans of the U.S. military having a much better outlook on their lives then the Male veterans. The survey was composed of 353,561 Americans. (Meyers Liu, 2013) There were 48,690 respondents, which were affiliated with the military of the 353,561 participants. The results showed that female veterans rated their lives as, â€Å"thriving† were 54% while the male veterans at 44%. (Meyers Liu, 2013) The researchers say one of the reasons for the 10% gap is due to the optimistic view of females compared to the males. Based on the total sample of national adults, the researchers comment that they can say with 95% confidence that the margin of error is  ± 1 percentage points. (Meyers Liu, 2013) The sample size for this survey was appropriate for the population. Overview The first survey did not mention any numbers as for the survey size or the population, so there is no way to tell if the survey size is appropriate for the population. The second survey did mention 115,000-survey size, which is divided in half because there are two groups. This gives us a 57,500-survey size per group for the population. Using the population of the United States, we should have a 100,000 per group at the minimum. The third survey of the veteran females’ life satisfaction is the only one that has the correct amount of survey size. This survey size is353,561 of the population of military affiliates, which is a proper size per population. Application: Copy of Survey Application: Results Chart 1 This chart show the ages of the participants, the 35-44 age categories has the most participants, which is 30% of the total 20 people. The lowest percentages of participants are the two categories of 18-24 and 65-74 with a percentage of 10%. The people ages 35-44 are the largest group of people to watch the movie. Application: Results Chart 2 15%,30%,20%,35% This chart shows the number of participants that read the number of books 1, 2, 3 and the series of 4 books. As you can see, the participants that read the series are 7, and are the highest in percent’s also at 35%. This means that most of them read the series. The least of the participants (3) read only the first book at a percentage of 15%. . Application: Results Chart 3 50% of the participants thought the movie was only somewhat close to the book. 30% thought the movie was not Application: Surveys and Business The survey above could tell the movie directors that they should make the rest of the series closer to the books. The participants seem to think they could have made the movie more like the books. There was a lot of story line missing of which some was important to the story to be complete. Some of the participants said they were very disappointed, because for the books to be so good and the movie to be so bad there had to be something somewhere that missed the whole story’s meaning. Conclusion In conclusion, we have studied various surveys showing how some have not had a survey group that was the correct size for the population. In order for the data to be accurate, the researcher must have the proper sized survey group for the population they are researching. Statistics cannot be correct if the data is off.

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