Friday, August 9, 2019

Expression of Motivation to Become a Physician Assistant Personal Statement

Expression of Motivation to Become a Physician Assistant - Personal Statement Example First, whilst undertaking my undergraduate degree in Science and Biology from the Azad University of Tehran that is located in Iran, I was able to gain background knowledge about human health and ways through which the health of an individual can be improved or maintained in a desirable state. Secondly, in my pursuit to gain a deeper understanding and knowledge, and even make advancement in my career I undertook a postgraduate degree majoring in health administration. Through this postgraduate degree, I gained knowledge on leadership, management, and administration skills that are applicable in public health systems, and health care facilities. Additionally, I trained as a Pharmacy Technician at the Boston Reed College, in the year 2009 and in the period of 2004 to 2007, I completed 60 credits towards an associate degree in Nursing at the Glendale Community College. From my educational background, it is evident that I have a deep desire and I am highly motivated to advance in my medi cal career which includes becoming a PA. In regards to work experience, I have had the opportunity of working in the healthcare industry for the past eight years. For instance, I have been an intern at the Northridge Hospital medical center for the past year and as an intern, I was able to obtain practical knowledge and further learn routine practices of PA. I worked under the supervision of a safety officer to ensure that all joint commission guidelines for the physical environment of care at the hospitals remain compliant. I was also charged with the duty of ensuring safety and facility quality controls comply with local, federal, state regulations and further provided consultations. Prior to my internship at the Northridge hospital, I worked at the cardiologist office for seven years as a medical assistant where I interacted with patients and PAs, thereby becoming familiar with the roles of a PA.

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