Sunday, August 25, 2019

Final paper Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Final paper - Movie Review Example The role of violence in the film is to establish and to preserve power, on the one hand, and to defend the helpless from power-greedy individuals and groups, on the other hand. The film establishes this role through the construction of the nature and ends of violence by using the elements of storytelling, cinematography, music, and editing, while the effect of these scenes on the audience is to help them realize the positive and negative uses of violence, as they witness how the cultural historical background of China demonstrates the conflict between Chinese and American cultures through the conflicts between autonomy and domination. The film uses violence to how some people use violence to impose their authority and to oppress marginalized people for economic purposes. The storyline has a chronological timeline and plot that revolve around the time of transition in China, from being a closed to being an open-market society that is vulnerable to Western and local exploitation. The timeline simplifies the presentation of the story with a clear ending, middle, and ending. Continuity editing helps the audience understand the causes and effects of violence on the Chinese society. In the film, the British use their guns to show their power over the Chinese. An example is what happened to Wong’s patient who got shot. Wong says that the patient got into the wrong ship because he got confused with the flags, so the British shot him. The low angle shot shows how Wong is in a strong moral position because he helps heal those who are victims of violence. The shot tilts to his bloodied hands, as he says: â€Å"The à ¢â‚¬ËœWesternization Movement† is now underway† (Tsui, Once Upon). The scene shows the use violence through weapons in order to show and to preserve power. Another source of violence comes from internal actors, who like the outsiders, desire to use violence to

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