Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Matching Cube Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Matching Cube Analysis - Essay Example The matching cube depicted above shows the comparison of different personality traits which are common or different in me and my spouse. We are living a very healthy life because of the fact that we have inculcated the fact that the trust and sacrifice are the most important traits in any relationship. If we will become itchy and problematic in every matter, there will be no coexistence and the relationship will come to breakup very soon. Me and my spouse have been living a healthy life for past two years and despite of all the problems that are common in every relationship, we have dealt with every issue and there is no serious problem that is challenging our relationship. There are many factors that are matching in our relationship. Physical attraction is the first and foremost common trait that is increasing our love bond. My spouse has a very healthy body and a good height of 5’ 10†. She is weighing around 132lbs which is totally perfect according to her BMI. I have a height of around 6’2† and my weight is around 165lbs which is almost according to the BMI. There is also a great love bond between me and her because of the perfect physical matching. Our needs are satisfied and we both look forward to increase the love relationship. Physical attraction with each otter gives us a chance to be confident all the time and my attention never deviates from her to other women because of her beauty. Similarly she is also very happy because of my physical attraction and we always feel sexually attracted to each other even after years of relationship with each other. The political ideology and interests are also a great match between us because of the fact that I am also of the favor of the secular system in which the religion and politics don’t have to overlap and my spouse is also of the view that the religion and politics must be segregated. This gives us a great chance to work for the same cause because we spend our time together di scussing these issues with each other and we also work on a website t promote this ideology. There is also an increased love bond between each other because of the social thinking we have developed for the political system in our country as she is also from a well educated background. Spiritual factor is also a great match between me and my spouse. we both belong to Christian background ( catholic) and we go to church every now and then to refresh our faith. This gives us chance to come close to God and each other. The spiritual factors give a great sense of responsibility and soothing to us. Me and my spouse are from well educated background and this gives a great advantage for us to come close to each other. There is no communication gap between us and put thinking perspectives are matching most of the time. Educated background gives us a chance to share the same feelings and thoughts about different events happening around us. As far as the differences are concerned, there are ma ny, and differences are a beauty of any relationship because humans are prone to get bored of the monotonous routines. If there will be no differences, we will not get any chance to learn new things and ideologies. Me and my spouse have different interest for example when I am watching cricket on TV, She always insists to change the channel and switch on different soaps and talk shows whereas I get always bored of the talk shows. But we never tend to

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