Tuesday, August 13, 2019

(argument research paper) advertising Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

(argument ) advertising - Research Paper Example Human beings have evolved from uncivilized beings to businessmen. Evolution has affected the lifestyle of the individuals, as the evolution gradually takes place it also keep changing the lifestyle of the individuals. Therefore culture can be defined as the way of life of people. The world around us can be read according to the cultural context. There are few themes which forms the basis of advertisement. These themes are youth, luxury, fashion, beauty etc. Advertising campaigns promote the idea that the solution of the problems of people lies in their consumption pattern which is backed by various cultural aspects. Culture is a key that defines the taste of the consumers belonging to a particular region. Advertisement is used by the companies as a tool to sell the commodities which are in demand due to the influence of the cultural trends existing in a particular society. Advertisement can be defined as the mirror of culture. Culture can be associated with the success of any product. The cultural belongingness increases the emotional attachment of the customers with a particular product and influences the decision making of the consumers (Janjua). It is the significant characteristic of the culture that it changes with time. Similarly the ideas, taste and habits of people also changes with time. Rapid industrialization has contributed towards changing the aspects of people towards many things. They are now going for time and energy saving commodities. Automation has affected the culture and the life style of the people as well. In many developing countries advertisement has influenced the culture and way of living of people. Cultural aspects in underdeveloped and developing countries, such as more children for the security in old age, high population rate due to early marriages, and emphasis of bearing a male child have declined due to advertising. Advertising not merely promotes a commodity but it promotes an idea in a

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