Monday, September 9, 2019

Week 10 TW questions 13&14 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Week 10 TW questions 13 - Essay Example In summary jury trial, the parties present evidence to a six-bench jury who give their nonbinding decision from the presentations. Lastly, a summary bench trial is more or less like the prior but the case is tried before a judge instead of a jury. According to Glannon (2008), all the decisions from the court related ADR are nonbinding and any dissatisfied parties are free to proceed and file appeals to the courts. These are ways of resolving disputes by avoiding the courts in totality hence decisions by these methods of resolution are binding and final to the parties. The methods include- negotiation, mediation, binding arbitration, ministerial and private judging with mediation and arbitration being the most popular according to research (Glannon, 2008). Negotiation entails the engagement of the parties in a discussion and finding a solution by themselves. Ministerial and private judging of cases calls for the involvement of independent ministers and judges respectively out of the courts in helping to resolve disputes between individuals after careful considerations. According to Glannon (2008), the main difference between courts related ADR and Private ADR is that Private ADRs are final and

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