Thursday, September 26, 2019

Adult Lifelong Learning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Adult Lifelong Learning - Essay Example The stages can serve the adult educators by finding out the vital link between their development and how useful it will be for them in the long-range scheme of things. It will tell them exactly how their nuances would be handled and what needs to be discerned as far as the future domains are concerned. The adult educators have a good enough idea as to how their success graph would be measured and what they need to learn over a period of time. It will them exactly where they are lacking and what they need to adapt with the passage of time. 3. If you were to take a course, in which stage from above would you be? How would it influence your choice? If I was allowed to choose a course from the different development stages, I will go for early adulthood as this is the age that I am looking forward to having currently. It will tell me exactly how the transition within my life will come about and what I must adopt in order to move forward with the different undertakings of my own life. Exer cise 2: Based on the following document, titled Focus on Basics, define Informational vs. Transformational Teaching. In your journal, comment on which one applies to your own teaching philosophy and why? Informational teaching is comprised of providing information towards the educators’ domains whereby he reads the instructions beforehand and then goes about implementing the same. The aspect of transformational teaching is a bit different where the transformation takes place on a natural level. There is the acquisition of skill with proper knowledge not being present; however, the knowledge and information are gained with the passage of time through actual learning regimes that are employed. Informational teaching makes use of the proper guidelines which are already in place and that need to be studied out loud in order to reap success for the educators.

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