Thursday, September 12, 2019

Behavior Intervention Plan Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Behavior Intervention Plan - Case Study Example The class has one other child with high functioning autism. His class has a regular class teacher, a class room assistant and a special Ed assistant who normally helps out with Logan and Sarah the other special needs child in the class. Logan has two periods daily in the Special Ed classroom with the Special Ed Co-coordinator. Logan follows an IEP designed by the special educator. The special Educator has also designed a routine that the special Ed assistant and class teacher follow with Logan. Infact to accommodate his special needs Logan follows a separate time table. When most of their class is doing poetry for example, Logan often does speech therapy with the special Ed assistant. Logan also has sensory issues and also has sessions with the Schools Occupational Therapist. The school also has a behavioral Therapist who works closely with the Special Ed co-coordinator to give input on and help to manage Logan's behavior. The behavioral Therapist visits Logan's class daily to monito r any behavioral issues displayed by him. Currently the behavioral therapist utilizes a system of rewards to encourage Logan to display positive behavior and a series of deterrents to discourage negative behavior. She also uses a pictorial board to help Logan understand situations which are new to him and which require a change in his routine. Logan is Logan is a fairly compliant child and follows most of the instructions given to him in class. He shows a great amount of affection for his teachers and class mates. He mixes well with his peers and is generally friendly with his classmates. Logan loves music and often likes to play music on a toy piano He participates in group activity and loves to play football with his class mates. Logan is literate and has good reading skills for a six year old. His writing skills need improvement though he is able to independently hold a pencil and trace along dotted lines. Logan loves computers and is far better than most of his classmates at the educational computer games that are played in class. At this stage he has mastered Reader Rabbit Grade 1 and also Learn to Read another educational software program that the class does. He can type his name in a word document and also a few more lines about himself. He knows how to open and close a word document, how to load cds and can maneuver the mou se like an expert. Logan is a whiz at math. He is way beyond his class level and is currently following a Grade 4 Maths book. While most of his classmates are learning to add single digits, Logan is already doing fractions!! His teachers report that he has an extraordinary skill with Numbers. They also report that he has a very good memory and an excellent sense of direction. Logan has on various occasions displayed disruptive and aggressive behavior His behavioral tantrums start with a loud snort which is followed by loud crying and culminate with the child hitting himself severely on the face. On several occasions the beating is accompanied by nose bleeds which are caused by the child hitting his nose and face reputedly the behavior is extremely disruptive to the class room environment and the frequent bleeding is very disturbing or the other students and teachers alike. His teachers also noted that though Logan hits himself, he

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