Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Gp3 performance management and employee services Research Paper

Gp3 performance management and employee services - Research Paper Example It will allow them cooperating in a professional manner towards the accomplishment of their goals and objectives. Apple Inc is a real life example that has the following pattern and model in practice. Google inc. is another example of the same kind where free hand and communication means are provided to the employees and they make use of their efforts in a completely cordial manner. The two of them have uniform system of operations where the appraisal systems are intact and the employees get regular and timely feed back with regard to their contributions and efforts in the overall projects at hand. The performance management program which is based on effective communication and equal opportunity imparting to the different domains will allow for the clear goals determination and easy accomplishment of the tasks. Talent management and communication build up models were the two performance management and overall productivity enhancement models and programs suggested and initiated for the purpose of improvement in the organization. Out of the two short listed programs (talent management and communication enabling means), the latter was chosen. This was chosen so based on the realization of the need for an effective communication channel presence in the modern times where enterprises are connected by the virtual means of communication (Lesikar, 2005, p 3). The new program will be communicated to the employees through formal and informal methods. In the informal methods the daily routine activities will encompass the guidance and details sharing. The formal methods of transferring the idea and knowledge would include the seminars, training sessions, visits and other practical demonstrations which will enable them working in a more amicable environment based on effective production and desired outputs at the end of the undertaken objective and plan. The possible consequences of inadequate performance reviews will include failure

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