Wednesday, September 11, 2019

OSHA Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

OSHA - Assignment Example An article by Bender Thomas, which talks about on workers deaths in confined spaces, was identified, an investigation that was carried as part of Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation program. According to the author of an investigation where a worker died after entering a toluene storage tank and then on a rescue attempt a fireman also ended up being killed when the tank exploded (Bender 37). According to the author owner of a petroleum bulk storage tank, found out that his toluene storage tank was contaminated, and therefore he wanted to clean it and therefore it will have to be drained and cleaned. However, he found out that the tank’s only access was located at the top and since the tank was cylindrical it was not easy to clean it. Therefore, the owner decided to install the portal at the bottom. In connection to this, he consulted a contractor who gave him the cost estimates of installing the access portal at the bottom of the tank. The contractor after carrying out his assessment told the owner of the tank that it has to be drained, and all the sludge removed before he puts the access portal. The owner of the tank, therefore, directed his supervisor to get the tank ready for the contractor. On that fateful day, the supervisor and unskilled worker decided to get the job done. Therefore, the supervisor decided to rent self –contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). However, because the opening was small and since a ladder could not be used the supervisor decided to use a rope. In addition, because the opening was so small it was decided that the worker get in with the SCBA loosely tied on his head. After a while, the supervisor saw the worker standing at the bottom of the tank, and then he directed him to get out, however, and there was no response. He then informed the facility manager who was just standing nearby. After that, a fire rescue team was called. The firemen

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