Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Public policy decisions and factual information Essay

Public policy decisions and factual information - Essay ExampleThe ability to provide a solution(s) to something is an incredibly important part of the greater process to be experienced. By achieving an end result, or solution to something, it would lead towards a sense of confidence in beliefs which would thrust began as being internally held and the notion that, with the creation of the debate over the topic(s) at hand, the final solutions achieved, would have the potential to have lasting implications for many plenty and for many years to come.The statement made by the author, ties in with the notion of providing individual members of the public with various factual sets of information and then in turn, stepping by to see how they result not only digest the information but also, how they ill intend to use in terms of their interactions with others and how it would impact their own single lives. Human beings, by nature, often times seek to achieve the approval of their own h eld beliefs, through the providing of information to others.The ability to lay everything out there and at the end of the day, witness the ultimate outcome of all efforts made on either side. As the author himself states, this practice is ultimately a fundamental piece of the proverbial puzzle, in terms of realization of internally held thought patterns and seeing those very same thoughts turned into a reality through fact-based proving to be hi-fi in any way.By having facts for however many different topics, it can enable an individual(s), to observe everything around them in a different light. To approach either their personal and/or professional relationships, in a manner that may differ from where they would have been, had those facts not been introduced in the first place. In the quest to wedge someone in line with our own personal way of thinking, the more facts that can be suggested and brought forward, the better for that, more factual information, can lead towards a grea ter possibility of believing to occur by the viewing audience and present stakeholder(s).With rights, those would be the very things that enable an individual know what they should be allowed to do and to infer, on the other hand, what they necessarily should not be doing at the same time. A crucial outline of rights that many are familiar with, would be the linked States Bill of Rights. The very document that all citizens of the nation, would seek out to educate themselves about the rights afforded to them as citizens of this nation. In keeping with the federal aspect of rights, through utilizing the showcase of the Bill of Rights, Stone addresses the relationship between the citizenry and the government when he states, ..Rights describe those relationships between people or between people and organizations that government will uphold, (Stone, n.d., p. 262). Stones conclusion cleanly falls within the realm of the intended purpose of producing a clear set of rules for everyone to live by and adhere to.

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