Thursday, June 13, 2019

Hiring friends and relatives Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Hiring friends and relatives - Assignment ExampleKnowledge of strengths and weaknessesFinally, more often than not, friends and relatives will reach out to do favors without expecting supererogatory remuneration hence saving on costs (The Pros & Cons of Hiring Friends & Relatives par. 1).On the downside, friends and relatives whitethorn be less observant of company rules because of their affiliation to the business owner. Thoughts of impunity may invade their minds and thus create disharmony at the workplace.Finally, the image of the firm may come into sharp disrepute when the friends and relatives arent professionals or well qualified. The gauge of the output of the firm is compromised at the expense of maintaining relationships (The Pros & Cons of Hiring Friends & Relatives par. 2).A cost-benefits analysis should be done so as to arrive at a consequence to engage or disengage friends and relatives. From the above argument, it is obvious that they occasion benefits and disadvanta ges in equal measure. Therefore, only a proper analysis can inform the ratiocination on whether or not to work with

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