Thursday, October 24, 2019

Patriot Act Essay -- Argumentative Persuasive Politics Terror Essays

Patriot Act One of the worst, yet momentous events in U.S history occurred on September 11th, 2001. This event released a flow of patriotic fervor and a permanent fear among all Americans that they had also now become suspect to acts of international terrorists. This led to a lot of changes in the attitudes of the executive and legislative branches in the United States government. They came up almost immediately with new measures, which were supposedly against terrorism or terrorist threats. One of the principle acts passed by them was called "Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001," also called the USA Patriot Act. This was signed and approved as law by President Bush on October 26th, 2001. This act is one of the most sweeping acts passed in the history of modern America. The Act affects the civil liberties of the citizens of USA and even non-citizens who are residing in America on a regular basis. The question though, is if the United States is faced with a Major Crisis like 091101 brought forth, is it permissible to allow the Government the expanded powers to set fourth the laws and enforcement needed to protect our country? And is it permissible to take away many citizens liberties while doing so? The answers may vary, some people may fight for there rights some may not even care. When it comes down to it, we’re all American citizens and we might not all be part of the U.S. Army, or the United States Marine Corp. but we are all solders. We all have the same responsibility to protect our Nation and its citizens. Many may speculate that our â€Å"rights† are being violated. That six of there most coveted rights and Amendments are being violated by the government that is supposed to enforce that each citizen have them. Anyone that has an opinion on there rights, basically has two choice is the matter. They can not worry about what there rights are and how they could be violated and save thousands or millions of United States citizen lives in one way or another, or they can fight the Government and keep all there rights as they see they have them, and cause thousands of innocent deaths, just like what occurred on 091101. All the Patriot act did after 091101, was keep the honest people honest. That’s all it is meant to do, while weeding out the snakes and rats that can c... ...though I support the Patriot Act for this time of need, I strongly disagree with the â€Å"Patriot II† —the act that was intended to follow Patriot and grant the government even broader powers which would give the FBI and CIA greater powers to spy and become more secreted then they already are. The plans of Patriot II were leaked out in bits and pieces of there past winter causing a little despair, the Government ensured that the Patriot II is dead and will never take effect. However look for the Government, mainly President Bush’s slaves, to incorporate many of the clauses this fall in the guise of the Victory Act. Many of the clauses in the Patriot II and Victory Act, I am strongly against, due to the fact even without reasonable suspicion the government could do as they please, and many civil liberties would be violated. Like I stated, I do support the judgment of expanded power during the time of need, within a certain period of time [durations of the War ] and with reasonable suspicion to deprive a citizen of rights, I will proudly diminish the level of rights I carry to protect that of others. I’m a proud United States citizen and I have nothing to hide at all, not even my pride.

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