Friday, October 18, 2019

Ascertaining Organizational Behaviour of Contracting Firms Based on Article - 1

Ascertaining Organizational Behaviour of Contracting Firms Based on the Impact of Cultural Factors - Article Example 124). Constructions companies modify their organisational behaviours on account of its employees’ cultures. Experts argue that the development of a strong organisational culture is essential to the overall success of an organisation. It is rather evident there is a strong connection between people’s cultures and the behaviour within organisations. In the European Union (EU), for instance, behaviour noted in successful construction firms is largely due to the continually nourished and healthy organisational culture that not only appreciates the cultural backgrounds of its workforce, but also upholds such cultural characteristics (Tomek 2011, p. 12). This is, for instance, done by abiding to culturally significant events within the organisation, as well as allowing all persons from different cultures to maintain their unique cultural identities (Gold, Malhotra and Segars 2001, p. 46). Persons of different ethnicities and races have distinctive cultural beliefs, behaviours and ceremonies. Different governments of the EU member states, as well as the EU body, have established definite regulations that protect various aspects of different cultures from interference by other persons or organisations (Toole 2011, p. 37). This means that a construction company in the EU must abide by these regulations or face litigation. The culture of Muslims is to conduct prayers up to five times in a day and go to the Mosque on Fridays. In order to maintain effective organisational structures and employee satisfaction, construction companies must uphold such cultural practices among their Muslim employees. This means the provision for ample time to Muslim employees to attend religious services and conduct prayers without undue hindrance from company management or other members of the workforce. It is of paramount importance to appreciate the kinds of behaviour culture has the utmost impact

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