Thursday, October 17, 2019

Critical analysis of PSED (key person role-adult child relationship)in Essay

Critical analysis of PSED (key person role-adult child relationship)in an educational setting(UK), drawing on your observations and published research.(we have to create name and title)see my attachments - Essay Example the socio-economic characteristics and other cultural aspects affecting the personal, social and emotional development of children in their early years. The theory and practice will be linked based on the observations made. The importance of a key worker is the nursery setting will also be revealed. Eventually the integration of PSED into the early years of children as well as the role of the key workers will be explained and further expounded on. PSED plays an important role in the education system and as such should be applied in the early years. PSED is important for enhancing a caring community where students and their educators can interact respectably and further educating children about emotional literacy. This form of development is also crucial for facilitating social understanding and encouraging responsibility in students both in their education and their social interactions (Broadhead 2010, pg. 19). PSED also enables individuals to empathize with others and thus encouraging perspective-taking which is important in learning major life skills such as critical thinking and creative thinking. The early years are crucial for children in relation to their personal, social and emotional development. Based on research carried out recently, it is evident that the development of children in their early years personally, socially and emotionally plays a major role in influencing academic preparedness particularly in the early years of development. It has also been noted that the socio-emotional competence of children has an impact on their educational success. The socio-emotional knowledge influences the child’s success in their early years by improving their academic performance both in their early life and their lifelong learning. Making children aware of their emotions and training them on their planning skills ensures that the children have lower risks of being aggressive or having any anxiety disorders. Different educational centres have varying PSED

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