Sunday, November 10, 2019

The Convenience of Today’s Technology

Who would have ever thought that you will be able to communicate with a person, just by typing a letter push press and send all from one location. Today’s technology is more convient, faster, and cost effective. As one of the projects that I have worked with for years is preparing the church newsletter, programs, notes, and other resources. In the past we had the manual and then the electric typewriters. When typing and a mistake were made, before the correction ribbon on the electric typewriter, you had to continually hit the back button and retype the correct letter. Your choice of print was very limited with the typewriter. There was no way to do spell check. Every paper had to be carefully proof read by a department of peoples. If you were adding a picture to your paper, you had to find pictures out of books and they were limited. Once the picture was found it had to be cut out and paste or taped to the paper. In order for someone else to add an article to the paper they had to type their part, get it proofread and then transport it to the location of the paper being prepared. In today’s world we have the technology that allows us to do all printing while sitting in one location. There are different types of programs to choose from to publish the newsletter, program, and other resources You have many different fonts to choose from depending on the type of message you are sending. There are thousands of clipart from cartoon, silhouettes, to any thing you can name to add as an image to your project. After finding the set up that fits your needs you can start your project, you can begin to type in your message in the designated area. To insert an image, you can go to the clipart or internet to locate the desired image. The computer does the spell check and some grammar checking as well. Usually when a word is misspelled it is underline with a squiggly red or green line. Some proofreading is still required but it may not take a team of people as in the past. In order from some one else to add a message to the paper being prepared all you need to do is send it to them by email as an attachment. As a downfall to this technology, if everyone is in the same office working with the same programs all will work well. However, if I’m working from home on my personal computer and I send it to another person at home, we may be working with different programs. Some people may have older systems while others may be on a up to date system. In conclusion, the convience of today’s technology and printing is much easier and faster in this day and time. As the years go on we will be amazed at how technology will advance in the future.

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