Monday, November 18, 2019

Cost Control Methods of a Food Service Restaurant Research Paper

Cost Control Methods of a Food Service Restaurant - Research Paper Example When one enters the premises, one is likely to get impressed by its tropical outlook as well as the way the tables are arranged. The restaurant prides itself in the cocktails it serves as these come in large quantities and often cause visitors to try out the establishment in the first place. It also serves traditional dishes like the paella, which has shrimp, clams and mussels; the Cuban sandwich is also another star item on their menu. These food items have not garnered raving reviews from patrons as some feel that the drinks are watered-down and the sandwiches are highly defective (Doss 2). However, what is clear is that most of the clients value the convenience of the location as many of them are new to South Beach and would not wish to look around for other eateries. The Daily Meal classifies this business as the worst restaurant in America and several customers agree with the assessment as seen through their Yelp reviews. Most of the competitors are located along the same area; that is, Ocean Drive with Las Olas Cafà © being one of the more formidable players in the business. They also sell Cuban sandwiches like Colony Cafà © but make them in the proper way thus earning a steady stream of clients in the Miami Beach area. However, other restaurants in Ocean Drive have relatively poor customer reviews; Van Dyke’s Cafe and Dà ©jà   Vu restaurant are all within the same vicinity but are guilty of low-quality service as well. In fact, many reviewers claim that the entire Ocean Drive area is an amalgam of poorly-management restaurants. The area has lowered the bar for fine restaurant dining, and left many clients yearning for more; some believe that they have to visit neighboring Puerto Sagua to find decent food establishments. Colony Cafà © suffers from a serious publicity problem; being branded as America’s worst restaurant is the last thing a business owner wants. The most commonly identified issue among customers is exorbitant pricing;

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